Bodybuilding Qualifications

Bodybuilding competitors that place in the top five (5) in each class at a national qualifying contest are qualified for the Junior USA, Junior Nationals, Team Universe and North American Championships. Competitors that place in the top three at a national qualifying contest are eligible for the USA and Nationals. All National level qualifications are good for one year including the USA and Nationals. Those athletes that qualified for the USA and Nationals will be grandfathered in for the 2016 USA and Nationals.

Who Qualifies for National Level Competitions:

1. This qualifies the competitor for competition on the national level for a period of one (1) full calendar year after the year
that the qualification took place
2. Only if a competitor’s one (1) year qualification has expired can an athlete enter a state or higher level national
qualifying competition even if they have already won the overall title.



Weight Classes [bodybuilding only]

Qualifications to enter the Division of Novice: If an athlete has placed in the top ten (10) of any national event (including the IFBB North American Championships), the athlete is no longer considered a novice. A true novice is an athlete that has never entered an NPC event.


Men’s Open BB Divisions- ( 7 Divisions)


  • Bantamweight: 143-1/4 lbs. & under

  • Lightweight: over 143-1/4 lbs. to & including 154-1/4 lbs

  • * Welterweight over 154-1/4 lbs. to & including 165-1/4 lbs

  • Middleweight: over 165-1/4 lbs. up to & including 176-1/4 lbs

  • Light-Heavyweight: over 176-1/4 lbs. up to & including 198-1/4 lbs

  • Heavyweight: over 198-1/4 lbs up to & including 225-1/4

  • Super Heavyweight: over 225-1/4

Men’s Masters Body Building 35+ - ( 3 Divisions)

Lightweight – up to and including 165-1/4

Middleweight – over 165-1/4 up to and including 187-1/4

Heavyweight – over 187-1/4


Men's Physique and Masters Physique 35+ Divisions ( 3 Divisions)

Promoters can choose to have one height class, two height classes, three height classes or four height classes.

•Up to & including 5’7”
•Over 5’7” up to including 5’10”
•Over 5’10”


Men's Classic Physique - ( 3 Divisions )




























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Posing Times for Bodybuilding Competitors:

All competitors will perform  at the nightshow

Pre-Judging ROUTINE: 60 Seconds (NO MUSIC)

Night Show ROUTINE: 60 Seconds (with MUSIC)


Posing Music: Bodybuilding competitors must supply their own posing music. Music may be emailed  to Music files should be one of the following formats (.mp3, .wav) Please send us your music as soon as possible. As your routine is limited to 60 seconds, please limit your music to 60 seconds. In the event that your music exceeds the time limit it will be faded out at the appropriate time. Make sure to identify your music with the competitors name and division entering and please designate whether we should start your music with you ON or OFF stage. Music that has profanity will result in immediate disqualification of the competitor. The final deadline to upload your music is Oct 14, 2016. Earlier submissions will be tested for flaws.

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